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Credit Service Company is a full-service collection agency whose goal is to partner with you when and where you need us the most. We offer a full array of services including:

Accounts Receivable Consulting

Our years of experience and knowledge of the collection industry place us in a unique position to assist and advise our clients. Our staff will review all or part of the accounts receivable processes including procedures, letters, timing issues and collection techniques to increase your current recovery results.

Pre-Collection Services

Unattended Messaging, Total Call Management and Letter Services are only a few of the programs designed to enable our clients to identify and place potentially delinquent accounts in collections at an earlier age. We offer low-cost solutions resulting in an improved bottom line.

Accounts Receivable Recovery

Our unique approach to collecting outstanding debt results in a higher rate of recovery for our clients. Strong training programs, courteous staff, ethical practices and cutting-edge technology give us a clear advantage in producing results for our clients.

Classes and Seminars

Many of our clients have established training programs for their in-house collection efforts. For those clients interested in developing or enhancing their current programs, we offer a variety of structured classes and informative seminars on collection related topics. These classes can be scheduled whenever you require an additional edge for your in-house collections.

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Credit Service Company, Inc. is a debt collection agency. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.