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We will use every reputable means possible to collect accounts through our continuous employee training, advanced technology tools, specialized job functions and the use of legal action. We pride ourselves in producing the most efficient results for our clients--from account placement through account resolution.


Our people are our most important resource. We have created a team of highly trained collectors, dedicated skip tracers, experienced managers and efficient support staff. By combining determination with sensitivity, our team produces the results our clients desire.

Collector Training

Our collection staff undergoes rigorous training in several areas. Foremost is instruction in telephone collection technique, payment negotiation, and account resolution. In addition, to maintain strict adherence to local, state and federal laws, collectors are also trained in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and various other state and federal statutes with which we comply. Continued training and periodic testing ensure proficiency and adherence as changes to statutes and case law dictate.


As with any industry, technology continues to develop and provide opportunites to improve the collection process. To maintain a competitive edge, we are committed to always provide our staff with the latest in technology tools. Today's technology in predictive dialing, combined with interactive voice response options, creates an enormous advantage over the competition with regard to contacting consumers and measuring the results of those efforts. Advancements in database technology allow us to use various resources to locate skips, identify assets and prioritize accounts based on collectability. These examples are only a few of the ways we continue to remain on the leading edge of technology.

Legal Action

Our primary goal is to resolve disputes and encourage the consumer to voluntarily resolve the account. If, after using the many tools at our disposal and these efforts do not produce positive results it is sometimes necessary to pursue legal recourse. This is done after verifying that all proper collection steps have been taken and our client authorizes it. The public face and goodwill of our client continues to be of utmost concern and we maintain that awareness during this critical stage.


Results for each client vary and are affected by answers to various important questions including:

  • What type of account is placed (i.e. medical, financial, utilities, etc.)?
  • How complete and accurate is the information supplied?
  • What is the average age and balance of accounts when placed?
  • What is the geographic location of the consumers?
  • How have the accounts been worked by the client?
  • Have the accounts been previously placed with a collection agency?
  • What are the client's internal procedures prior to placement?

Because of the impact these variables can have on collection results, our experienced sales personnel examine and evaluate delinquent accounts and work with clients to establish realistic goals and agreed-upon expectations and measurements.

When compared to agencies of similar size, geographic area, and type of collection accounts, Credit Service Company consistently outperforms the competition. We attribute this success to training, superior customer service and our implementation of the latest technology.

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Credit Service Company, Inc. is a debt collection agency. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.