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Flexible Automated Collection System (FACS)

FACS is a state-of-the-art collection system providing flexibility and performance for our collectors in a real time, user-friendly environment. Constant development of this product provides Credit Service Company with numerous integrated tools with which to collect accounts as efficiently as possible.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

IVR is seamlessly integrated to handle inbound calls without collector intervention. Through automation, IVR can handle consumers' accounts from information requests, to initializing a payment plan, to account resolution.

Document Image Storage Query (DISQ)

DISQ is seamlessly integrated with our FACS collection software giving collectors immediate access to valuable negotiating tools like signed agreements and itemized statements. Collectors can quickly settle disputes by viewing and discussing these documents or printing and mailing them to consumers, relieving much of the wait time normally associated with these activities.

E-Web Online Solution for Accurate Reporting (E-OSCAR)

E-OSCAR is an internet-based solution for directly interfacing consumer credit reports. This service is designed to assist us in quickly accommodating consumers efficiently and accurately handles disputes.

Ontario Systems Link (OSCLink)

Link automates our access to third party databases facilitating the retrieval of demographic information increasing our likelihood of collecting dollars from consumers and keeping us in compliance with regulatory agencies. Such information includes deceased consumer information, bankruptcy filings, and new demographic information. Through direct integration with our software platform, this information is automatically transmitted back to the account and the collector is notified of actions to take.

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Credit Service Company, Inc. is a debt collection agency. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.